Sunday, 7 August 2016

Review: Lusome Sleepwear

Review by: Erika

I was really excited to have the opportunity to review the "Ava" sleep shirt from LusoméLusomé sleepwear for women is an elegant alternative to traditional menopause pajamas for hot flashes, but although at my age I won't be getting hot flashes for a long while yet, I get hot when I sleep and like to be cool, so I was attracted to the thought of reviewing these.

The Ava sleepshirt features a tapered waist with hem slits which allows for a flattering fit for any shape or size & easy movement while sleeping. Lusomé sleepwear uses exclusive dryLon fabric for moisture management - drawing away sweat from the skin up to 5x faster than other brands!!

I love everything about this sleep shirt - it's breathable and kept me sweat free while sleeping. Not to mention, the fabric is SO soft and comfy!! On it's own or paired with some pajama pants, you can't go wrong with the "Ava" sleep shirt from Lusomé.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Derma MD Skincare- (Canada) Plus a DISCOUNT Code

Many skin care companies base their entire line around one or two active ingredients, and usually have a specific type of skin they are trying to correct. i.e; pigmentation, rosacea, acne, or fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great idea if you are treating only one type of skin! Everyones’s skin type is different and so are their issues and needs. For a LINE to be effective, it must have several active ingredients to provide all the following: ingredients to deep pore cleanse, moisturizing and hydrating ingredients to maintain and increase moisture, antioxidants to protect from free radical damage, peptides to build new collagen, vitamins and mineral to feed and nourish, exfoliating and rejuvenating ingredients to increase cellular turnover and improve texture and skin tone, as well as an array of specialty ingredients to target specific needs or issues. Derma MD contains them all.

I have always been very loyal with skincare of all types- for the face and for the body. I love the DermaMD Skincare line. Their site is divided into product categories and as well skin care concerns. I love their blog as well. It offers alot of helpful tips and hints.

I had the chance to try two of their products I wanted to share with you.
Tried the Pink Silk Face Firming Rejuvenator. This was very nice. Light weight and easy to apply and use from the pump.

Also tried the Lip Plumper -Peach Bellini. It hydrates, increases volume, and protects. This was a nice light gloss that acts as a subtle lip plumper. Love the tingling it leaves on my lips and have a nice flavor as well. The Peach Bellini is a nice light natural shade. Highly recommend.

I look forward to trying more of the Derma MD Skincare line as they have great products from what I have used.

Canadians may get 50% off their first order from their online store @ Derma MD Skincare using discount code : DERMAMD50%

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Review: My Fabric Designs- Printing Your Own Custom Fabric

Review by: Cynthia

My Fabric Designs is a print on demand fabric company. They offer people the ability to create their own custom fabric or choose from their large curated library of designs.They have a fabric pattern creator tool online that everyone can use to help aid in creating their own repeating pattern, or they can simply upload their own.

Once an account is made each person will have the ability to personalize their own custom artist profile page. Here you can add profile pictures, banner photos, bios and links to their own personal sites. On this page you will also find all designs that that designer has made and shared with My Fabric Designs. They offer 26 high quality fabrics for every design to be printed on. They also manufacture and produce their own fabric to insure fabric quality. Orders are delivered right to your door within 10 business days.

If you always wished you could design your own fabric here is the company you need.  This is one cool idea---I took a scale design, had it made looks exactly how I would imagine "real" dragon scales would be.  This will be used for a dragon applique on a quilt.

I found all of my fabrics to have crisp, sharp images.  The colors are vivid like a photo.  To decide what will go with my fabrics, big decision.The material is a good quality for sewing.  You can preview your designs beforehand.  Ladies this is like a dream come true, you are the fashion designer!  So much fun! Reminds me of being back in school and coloring with my crayons and deciding what colors I would use.  I would give this company five stars!!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to our American Neighbors!

Thursday, 23 June 2016


There are literally thousands of plastic surgeons in The United States alone.  Any surgeon practicing cosmetic procedures can call themselves a “cosmetic surgeon,” however, to be considered an actual plastic surgeon one must be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This requires additional residency and training. There are also other board certifications that surgeons can have, such as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, for example. Other related specialties (dermatology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, oral surgery) also have subspecialties which focus on cosmetic procedures. They will identify themselves as "facial plastic" or "occuloplastic" surgeons. If you include all of these physicians as well, there are probably close to 60,000. Dr. John Zannis is a board certified plastic surgeon in New Bern, North Carolina who wants to help prospective patients when selecting one from the massive number of practicing physicians.

The Following Are Some Red Flags

Offering discount coupons

Discount coupons make sense if you're looking for a haircut or a massage - but maybe not for plastic surgery. "Don't bargain price when it comes to something serious like surgery," Dr. Zannis says.

The surgeon is not board-certified

Look for someone who has become board-certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This means the surgeon has had at least six years of surgical training with two or three years devoted specifically to plastic surgery, has passed rigorous oral and written examinations and has demonstrated safe and ethical surgical practice.

Making lofty promises.

Any surgeon that promises to make you look like a celebrity, or says he can make you look 30 years younger, is likely over-promising. A skilled surgeon knows the potential and limitations of surgery. A good surgeon will want you to look like an improved version of you, not someone else.

The surgeon’s operating facility is not accredited

Often plastic surgery is performed in an ambulatory care center or the surgeon’s office-based surgical facility. Either way, Dr. Zannis says you want to make sure the facility is properly accredited. Accreditation ensures that strict standards are met for proper equipment, safety, surgeon credentials and staffing.

Trying to "up-sell" patients

An initial consultation with a plastic surgeon should be a collaborative effort, in which doctor and patient come to an agreement about which course of treatment is best. Dr. Zannis says it's reasonable for the surgeon to suggest alternative approaches, but that it's worrisome if he/she uses high-pressure tactics. "Surgeons who try to convince you to have more surgery that you want may be just trying to squeeze as much money from you as possible," warns Dr. Zannis.

Advertising heavily

Some excellent plastic surgeons advertise their services. But Dr. Zannis feels that plastic surgeons who advertise heavily - on radio, TV, in newspapers, etc. - may do so because they don't get the good word of mouth that provides a steady stream of patients. "The number of ads a surgeon displays is often inversely proportional to the quality of the doctor," Dr. Zannis says.

The short consultation:

The first visit with a plastic surgeon must be a thorough, get-to-know-you session in which both patient and doctor determine if they can work together. If you find yourself in a room viewing a video about the doctor’s services and are whisked through a brief meeting, you may want to look elsewhere.

Being censured or sued

Just because a surgeon has faced a malpractice lawsuit doesn't mean he/she is incompetent. In today's medical climate, even first-rate surgeons are sometimes sued. But be wary of a surgeon who has been sued more than a few times, says Dr. Zannis. Ditto if he/she has been censured by the state medical board.

No before and after photos

If you’re interested in a procedure, you should see what the physician can do for you. One of the best ways to see the quality of work is to view before and after photos of their actual patients. If they won’t show you any, they may not have enough experience, or success  in that particular procedure.

When to Consider a Different Cosmetic Surgeon

Searching for a cosmetic surgeon is more manageable when you use a clearly defined system to make the choice — consider all options and weigh them cautiously. If you’re consulting with a cosmetic surgeon and any of the following red-flag situations occur, you might want to consider looking for a different surgeon:

During an appointment or pre-consult

The phone isn’t answered promptly or is answered by a machine.

No one takes time for your call; the doctor’s staff is abrupt or downright rude.

You don’t receive promised information materials before your consultation.

You can’t get your questions answered because the staff isn’t knowledgeable or says “the doctor will tell you everything at consult.”

You can’t find out a ballpark fee. How can cost be a secret?

You find out you won’t be meeting with the surgeon at your consult. Don’t waste your time.

Meet Dr. John Zannis - New Bern, NC Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Zannis is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and studied Human Biology and Studio Art at Stanford University prior to entering Medical School. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D.) from the University of Cincinnati College Of Medicine.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Review: Beyond Bronze

Are you looking for the best place to tan in Calgary, Alberta? Well look no further than Beyond Bronze located in the beautiful community of Silverado!! With top of the line equipment, they offer tanning, sunless tanning and even esthetics. 

Beyond Bronze features three amazing tanning beds including the Sun Angel, iDome and Silverbullet. 

The Sun Angel S52 is Western Canada's only smart bed and the first and only one of it's kind in Calgary. This burn proof bed features sensors that give you a personalized tanning session, climate control as well as aqua mist & aroma to mist your face and body during tanning! The extra-wide countured acrylic allows you to move around freely and avoid pressure points. 

The iDome stand up is the only one of it's kind equipped with facial and shoulder lamps so you don't have to worry about missing parts of your body. It also features mist at the push of a button, aromatherapy, air conditioning, MP3 hook up and extra-wide acrylic. 

The Silverbullet is another lay down option. With so many great features including high pressure facials, air conditioning, mist at the push of a button and fan controls, this bed will provide you with awesome results and keep you coming back for more!

Beyond Bronze also has sunless tanning options including the Hydration Station and the Versapro. 

The Hydration Station engulfs you in a capsule-like bed and allows you to experience Hydrofusion, aromatherapy, chromatherapy as well as massage by using a combination of heat, steam, LED color technology, liquid vitamins and vibrations. 

The Versapro is Alberta's only automated, technician free spray booth. With a customized treatment, heigh sensor technology and a three cycle application, you'll get the perfect spray tan.

Beyond Bronze also provides a number of different skin care treatments including body conturing, hair removal and skin rejuvenation. The SharpLight Formaxplus machine allows for a pain free experience and even works on tanned skin!!

I had a great, relaxing experience in the amazing Sun Angel and I would absolutely recommend Beyond Bronze to anyone who is looking for innovative, reasonably priced options for tanning and esthetics. So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment today and check out for more information, special offers and discounts!! And don't forget to mention I sent you- your reviewer: Erika Rowe

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